Meet Vickie

Hello, I am Vickie and I developed the Whole Food Real Life Wellness Program because I think healthy eating and living in abundance is possible.  Life should be rich, fun, and awe-inspiring. Healthy food should be whole, fresh, beautiful, and easy to prepare.

I am a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Educator.  I am a graduate of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, Inc.  This coaching program is associated with the Cleveland Clinic.

I am so excited about the program I have developed.  The Whole Food Real Life Wellness Program’s philosophy is this:

    • I believe in a holistic approach to wellness; That we are whole-beings and that each part of the “whole” needs to be nurtured: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
    • My role is that of an objective ally, someone that will believe in you and your ability to change until you can believe in yourself.
    • I know that by eliminating obstacles that stand in your way, that you will tap into the infinite wisdom and power within you to create the life you were meant to live.

I am someone that has been where you are.  I understand the struggles, the ups and the downs of this health journey.  I am in search of optimal health, the best version of me that I can be.  This means finding a balance between what’s realistic, acceptable, and sustainable.  This means feeding the mind, the body, and the soul, daily!  When one is out of balance, the others will soon follow suit.

We will not always want to do the next right thing, but just know that one slip, one bad day, one blunder does not equate to failure.  We try again and again until we find what works for us.  I have tried just about every diet out there to only fall victim to weight gain and bad health, once more.  Like you, I know, all too well, how defeated this leaves one feeling.  I made a decision to stop dieting and start living!  I wanted to know what it felt like to have energy and to be truly alive.  I started to listen to my body, the signals that it was giving me about what was good for me and that which I needed to eliminate.  I begin to live from the motto that says, “Eat as if your life depends upon it because it does!”

For the first time, probably in my life, I made me the priority.  I wrote about health.  I talked about health.  I researched what it meant to be healthy.  I joined groups.  I attended workshops.  Then, I started to blog about my journey.  I am a teacher.  Naturally, as I learned more about what to eat and what not to eat I wanted to share that information.  I learned the effects that my food choices were having on my body and in turn on my daily life.  So here we are!

Investing in your health will be the greatest investment you will ever make!

I have come to fully enjoy real whole foods! I enjoy the taste and texture, the beauty and the aroma of whole food.  I have learned that consuming whole, fresh food.. as close to its natural state as possible, is what was intended by our Creator!  I feel I’m missing out on nothing by eliminating processed foods expect the misery that comes from eating non-food products.

I am well aware of how busy schedules and little time can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and throw everything out of balance.  However, with tips and tricks, you can manage to eat well and maintain great health. You can learn to manage stress, find your strengths, and limit obstacles that stand in your way of success.

When Real Life shows up, and it will, there are strategies that will make living a healthy lifestyle, sustainable, even during the busiest of times.  Take away the excuses, you know the ones that sound defeatist, hopeless, bleak, and gloomy.  Start by making yourself the priority in your life.  Trust me, everyone around you, including you, will be grateful!

Feel free to browse around, try a recipe or a meal plan, and read on for tips and inspiration.  Let me know what you find that is of help to you.  Leave comments, suggestions, and/or questions.  Subscribe and never miss a post or recipe.

Read the information on the programs I offer.  I am sure there is one that fits with what you need.

REMEMBER:  Live Simply.  Love Generously.  Serve Faithfully.  Speak Truthfully.  Pray Daily.