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Judgment vs. Discernment

Have you ever observed a person or situation and immediately got the sense that something was not ... Continue Reading

Your Body is a Temple

We are literally eating ourselves to death! Breaking the chains of addiction has little to do with ... Continue Reading

An Extra Ordinary Life

Upon waking, negative thoughts crept in like an unwelcome, but familiar enemy. With each negative ... Continue Reading

Faith As A Mustard Seed

I put my foot down and that was that! I knew where I belonged, and I was not budging! There was no ... Continue Reading

Fake It Until You Make It

When Reality Sets In Somewhere along the way, it clicked, “I want to live more than I want to ... Continue Reading

To Everything There is a Season

-He planted me deep in the rich mountain earth. -He fed me through and by His mighty word. -He ... Continue Reading

The Good, The Bad, & The Truth

At some point it became more important that I feel great in my own skin, instead of trying to be a ... Continue Reading